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Dear scientists…
The past thirty years have been a period in which more technological developments have taken place than the last three hundred years. Humankind’s technology adventure that began with the steam engine, today evolved to a new era where production is leaded by robots, machines are communicating through the internet of things, artificial intelligence has the ability of creating new languages and even states are saving their information in the block chain, not in archives.
We have entered a new era in which companies are sending hundreds of satellites one after another, from the days when sending a space shuttle to the moon was considered to be a sign of becoming a “superpower” for a state. In today’s world where technology is developing with a dizzying pace, we all agree that the cost of missing the science train to states is much bigger than yesterday. This cost would be so much bigger for the Turkish world which is in the last quarter in terms of development.
The International Turkish World Engineering and Science Congress came into being as a reflection of the efforts to carry the cooperation in social and cultural areas to engineering and science of the Turkish World countries, most of which are stated as developing countries. Such congress and organizations are important for the countries and societies that form the Turkish World as they can share scientific and technological information. Cooperative scientific congresses and events in various areas, majorly in engineering and natural sciences, will make a major contribution to the communication and integration processes in the Turkish World. It is obvious that cooperative scientific activities will strengthen the ties based on culture.
In the present time when scientific cooperation and information sharing have become a requirement, the scientific congresses held by our union are reflections of the efforts of carrying the cooperation attempts in the Turkish World to the scientific areas. One of the most important aspects of the cooperation in the Turkish World is to share the scientific information and its reflections on technology.
For this purpose, the 3rd International Turkish World Engineering and Natural Science Congress, which was held between 7 – 10 December 2017 for the first time and 7-10 November 2019 second time, will be held between 22-24 October 2021 through online platforms because of the Covid-19 pandemic conditions.This event, which is held with the cooperation of unions, international non-governmental organizations, industry and universities, will be a motive for new cooperation areas in fields such as education and civil society, by the means of communication links established between countries. Scientific works in such cooperative platforms will play a major role in sharing new information and methods, following international scientific and technological developments, finding solutions for cross-border problems, contributing to political and cultural convergence by means of information and technology and establishing new partnerships.