Sharing and circulation of scientific informations are important issues in present day which industrial revolution is being discussed. Countries which constitute the Turkish World have developed various cooperation implementations from past to today due to geographical locations, historical connections and cognate relationships. Common problem of this cooperation models is the situation that studies are not on a satisfactory level in terms of scope, sustainability and scientific preparations which will meet the fourth industrial revolution.

Scientific activities and congresses which will be held on many fields especially on science and engineering, will contribute to processes of communication and integration perfectly within the Turkish World. It is clear that common scientific activities will consolidate cultural  bridges.

Scientific congresses are the reflection of effort for carrying the cooperation attempts into scientific fields in the Turkish World in conditions of present day which scientific cooperation and information sharing is a necessity. The most important aspect of the cooperation between the Turkish World is sharing scientific information and the reflection of that information.

As it is known, the congress of  “International Turkish World Education Sciences and Social Sciences” were organized between 1-6 December in cooperation with the International Eurasia Education Syndicates Union as Turkish Education Syndicate on the occasion of that the year of 2016 was announced as the year of “Hoca Ahmet Yesevi” by “UNESCO”. This year, a study will be actualized on Science and Engineering similar to the study that were actualized last year on Social Sciences. The congress of International Turkish World Engineering and Science will be held between “7th-10th” December 2017 for this purpose. Members of institutions which are a member of Turkish Education Syndicate and Eurasia Education Syndicates Union will be able to participate in the congress as well as with other part of the world. In this aspect academia and industry will participate with the congress in all over the world.

The congress of International Turkish World Engineering and Science is the reflection of effort, to carry the cooperation on social and cultural area to fields about Science and Engineering at the developing Turkish countries. This kind of organizations and congresses are important in terms of sharing the information which creates technology in the countries and societies which constitute the Turkish World.

From this point of the view, the focus of the congress of Turkish Engineering and Science is sharing the scientific information while the aim of it is to contribute cooperation vision between the Turkish World with science and technology.

The activity of Congress which is made jointly by Syndicates, non-governmental organizations and universities will be occasion for constituting new cooperation fields by the communication bridges which will be constituted especially on fields like education organizations and non-governmental organizations. Scientific studies at this kind of platforms will have an important role of sharing new information and method, following the scientific and technological developments between countries, constituting solution about problems, contributing to the diplomatical and cultural rapprochement with information and technology and at the point of new partnerships.